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  This post is associated with the mod AstralEcho's Adonis Pack.

◽ Name: AstralEcho's Adonis Pack • Ver.: 2.0
▫ Author: User Link with credits to User Link for inspiration to pull muscle into the normal maps, and User Link for inspiration to upscale things to 2k!
▫ Tags: Male, 2k, Scales, Nude
▫ Races: Male Midlander, Male Miqote, Male Elezen, Male Highlander, Male Au Ra
▫ Comments: 2k muscular skins including normal/specular maps and tails for au ra. Created using upscaling techniques best paired with Upierczi's 2k facelift package. Also featuring scales instead of pubes for au ra!

Updated in 2.0 to include touch ups to the normal maps, as well as options for bare feet and pubic hair.

NOTE Pubic hair includes au ra. Overwrite au ra files with those from the appropriate 'smooth' package if you prefer the pubic scales!

Planned for future releases: Lalafell and roegadyn, more body hair options.

You have my permission to use these maps for your own mod development, but please credit me if you do so!

Alternate Mirror (individual files): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1h9PmIUw3kHvNjNniTDWr4h8IaKwuBoNI