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  This post is associated with the mod Open Flame Lieutenant's Coat.

Name: Open Flame Lieutenant's Coat • Ver.: 1.0
Author: User Link
Tags: All Mods, Au Ra, Elezen, Female, Gear, Gear Body, Hyur, Miqote, Natyusha, Roegadyn, Topless, Grand Company, Immortal Flames
Contributors: NaughtyWVR for the base body
Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te
Modpage: https://prettykittyemporium.blogspot.com/2018/06/open-flame-lieutenants-coat.html

A Slim WVR Medium sized version of the Flame Lieutenant's Coat which removes the skirt and chest armour. Comes in a version with or without the large pauldrons. Note: Hiding had to be disabled for this mod so the sleeves will clip with most long gloves.