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  This post is associated with the mod man yall can make a 4k carbuncle but not a nonpixel ultima keyblade? the ultima looks 1995.

Request: "man yall can make a 4k carbuncle but not a nonpixel ultima keyblade?" "the ultima looks 1995"
Author: User Link
Requested: User Link
Replaces: Steel Claymore, Mythril Claymore, Coblat Claymore, Darklight Greatsword, Gridanian Claymore, Ul'dah Claymore, Lominsan Claymore, Gridanian Estramacon, Ul'dah Estramacon, Lominsan Estramacon, Serpent Sergeant's Claymore, Flame Sergeant's Claymore, Platoon Sword, Mythrite Claymore, and Titanium Claymore. (They all share models. shrug)
Other: Has a glow and no-glow version of the upscaled KH2 Ultima Weapon for DRK.
Comments : The creator of the original one is complete trash. So, I took it and made the textures at least 2005, a 10 year upgrade. Also, added glow to cover up the awful model they used.