Discord Message from Yumiko on 11/5/2018 @ 12:27:03 PM

  In TexTools Official Discord -> #🔞nsfw_female_releases [Discord Web-App Link]
  This post is associated with the mod Lewd Starlight tunic bbwr large.

◾ Name: Lewd Starlight tunic bbwr large ▪ Ver.: 1.0
▪ Author: User Link
▪ Tags: Lewd, underboob
▪ Races: Female tall
▪ Contributors: bbwvr body User Link and Revealing Starlight Tunic + Corset option of User Link
▪ Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IDBJ4anbhvsk5-P885QmuqHC74uzdC22/view?usp=sharing