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  This post is associated with the mod TW3 - Ciri's Hairstyle.

Name : Ciri's Hairstyle Ver : 1.0
Author : User Link
Contributors : User Link for providing better textures, Nerd666 on https://p3dm.ru/ for the original files
Tags : Ciri The Witcher Hairstyle
Affects : Midlander #2, Highlander #5
Races : Midlander, Highlander
Comments : Port of Ciri's (from The Witcher serie) hairstyle. Thanks to User Link's contribution, I managed to fill the holes on the textures I already had, making it possible to have the hairstyle. It's still not perfect, there are some weird parts, but it looks mostly like the original now.

If you plan on using my stuff, please DM me first about it. Especially if you're using it for paid commissions.

⚠ Even if I made the upper part on another mesh, to make it possible to wear hats, it's not perfect, and the bun will clip anyway (I could hide it as well but that would have left with a hole).

⚠ For midlanders and highlanders only for now. I have no plan on porting it to other races at the moment, but maybe one day.

👌 Highlights are okay.

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