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  This post is associated with the mod The Venus Bob - All Races.

◽ Name: The Venus Bob - All Races
▫ Authors: User Link
▫ Contributors: XPS Fanatic and Sticklove. NSFW Source:

User Link for reminding me normals exist, and User Link for hand-holding me through highlights.
▫ Genders: Female
▫ Tags: au ra, miqote, miqo'te, aura, hyur, midlander, highlander, elezen, roegadyn, short, hair, bob
▫ ✨ Buy me a coffee? https://ko-fi.com/A6281FOU :blobaww:

I did it. Rejoice.
Hair 141.
⚠ There's going to be clipping folks. It's inevitable. ⚠
⚠ Tried to make the highlights not clip but this mesh is a mess. Please go easy on me. ⚠