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  This post is associated with the mod Kinna's Grace Manatrigger.

Name: Kinna's Grace Manatrigger• Ver.: 1.0
▫️ Author: User Link
▫️ Tags: GNB, Gunbreaker, Gunblade, Weapon
▫️ Contributors: Anyone that supports my mods^^
▫️ Affected Item: Kinna Bayonet
▫️ Comments: Something on the side i decided to do, to counter my lack of courage to do Eden Titan and patience for another weapon with effect. So i hope you Enjoy^^
▫️ Support With Coffee: You can buy me a cup of coffee on Starbucks yes, Venti Mocca White Coffee please! Now that i have it, i will sip it as i see that the only weapon i can get easily with a effect on the GNB Arsenal is only this one... Well i'm going with it! SE please add more Gunblades with effects please!

Download Linko!: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aklOEd8LZQEpXGEExbvf7KHauvHbJYda/view?usp=sharing