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◽ Name : Zhang Hair Ver: 1.0
▫️ Mod Author: User Link
▫️ Race & Gender: Male Aura, Elezen, Milander, Highlander, Miqote
▫️ Affects: Hairs 1
▫️ Tags: male hairs, JouJou
▫️ Contributors: StickLove for the model and ty Re for testing it out for me 💝
▫️ Comments:
Male hair mod I ported from Dynasty Warriors. I hope y'all like it 💕
➡️It has highlights but they aren't that good and this hair might break on hats depending on the race
➡️ If you want to upload a dif race version of this hair, then that's fine just lemme know first ❤️

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▫️ Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fbbYREaByb68TuApCJ4GV_XFvjLHGykU/view?usp=sharing