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Name: Dogtags • Ver.: 2
▫️ Author: User Link
▫️ Affects: Fang Necklace
▫️ Races: midlander highlander miqote au_ra elezen roegadyn hrothgar
▫️ Genders: Male
▫️ Tags: hrbody,rbody,stronger hrbody,the body,thicclanders, gear
▫️ Contributors: Tsar for The Body, The hrBody
Mizukun for Thicclanders
▫️ Comments: Dogtags

UPDATED: V2 adds The Body 2.0 all types, updated Stronger hrBody to 1.5.4

Dogtags fitted non-lala male races on necklace. Replaces Fang Necklace

- Fitted to The Body 2.0 Type 1,2,3,4,5
- Fitted to The Body 1.5 and Thicclanders

▫️ Preview Image: https://static.xivmodarchive.com/mod-images/9789c7a4-deaf-4c14-9083-6b588c16e794.jpg
▫️ Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/12891