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  This post is associated with the mod [ L ] Elegance.

Name: [ L ] Elegance • Ver.: 1.0
▫️ Author: User Link
▫️ Races: au_ra viera
▫️ Genders: Unisex
▫️ Tags: couple,elegant, pose
▫️ Comments: A pose I made entirely from scratch (lies I used a vanilla arm pose xD)

Used Min height Viera (ears 2) and Min Height Male Au Ra
As always there will probably be a need for adjustments.


Mods used :
Dress, Bracelet and Necklace - Premiere by Luna
Nails - Ballerina Nails by T...
▫️ Preview Image: https://static.xivmodarchive.com/mod-images/00d5eacc-38e1-4a1e-946f-1d44b37a564b.jpg
▫️ Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/23473