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Name: H'e - Evelynn : Sadistic Lovers
▫️ Race: Miqo'te
▫️ Genders: Both
▫️ Tags: Couple, Love, Evelynn, Seduction, Duo, CMT, Pose, LoL
▫️ Comments: Hello all ! Finally, here for you my pose inspired by Masked Evelynn from Leagues of Legend. I hope you will enjoy it !
Work on 0% miqogirl and 100% miqoboy.

It seems quite obvious but : don't share any adjustement of my work without asking me before. If you have a problem with my pose work : you can directly pm me here or on my following social media.

Again : obvious but no reposts and if you want to work on your own version (and using my pose as a base), I would to be DM first !

For more, my social media, feel free to support me on, I share my work firstly on them :
And I work with Sakura on her server. If you want more poses from me (discord exclusive) and 4 others pose makers, if you want to ask one of us, join Sakura Grove!
And by the way : lately, we created a # on instagram and twitter for all of Sakura's girls poses. Don't hesitate to use it to show us your creation (#sakuragroveposes)
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