Final Fantasy Logo Art GShade Preset

  A Reshade Preset by Val

Version: 1.0

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GShade and it's many options, and me setting up said options.

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After several weeks of tweaking, and clicking buttons that I literally didn't understand for the life of me- I did it. This is a GShade preset that lets you make your game look like Final Fantasy's typical logo art!

Feel free to DM me if anything seems off ovo;;; this is my first preset and I seriously didn't know what I was clicking and adjusting, so if there's any issue or visual problem do message me so I can adjust it.

- Chromakey 1 and 2 are just there so you can remove the background and foreground. It's not a perfect system (as of posting this preset) but it IS a method. It's not an absolute necessity if you can edit things out or have a photo studio.
- HexLensFlare is what gives it colors, tweak around the color options to get your desired outcome, but if it's too troublesome, just turn it off if you feel like post processing the colors in via photoshop would be easier.
- Colorfulness, in relation to HexLensFlare, this controls the saturation of the colors. Once again, unnecessary if you won't be using HexLensFlare.

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