raykie's sixty five behind the scene's

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Animation by Orbitalcatnip

Contributor Information:

Raykie's original TOS Apply & all credit goes to him & pubg
Xivhimbo on X for video

Author's Comments:

"Behind the scene's" version of Raykie's Sixty Five dance, lapdance style for all talls

affected emote: /Hum

- REQUIRES HEELS ADDON TO ALIGN PROPER (add hum to the emotes option and adjust with xyz/rotation)
- won't always align with partner + not optimalized for all races/combo's (mostly ment to be adjusted in gpose with brio/ktisis)
- not ment for (long) skirts
- not perfect, clips/knees lift ect but eh
- Original mod not included

preview: https://files.catbox.moe/p9otzl.mp4

Raykie's original TOS Apply & all credit goes to him & pubg

Original Mod: https://raykie.gumroad.com/l/kmarb?layout=profile

Sexy Sixty Five dance (PUBG victory dance 65) for ALL
- comes with or without music (plays on System Sound)
- skirt and tail physics
- uses IVCS, animated IVCS parts, miqote ear physics

Replaces /beesknees (Bee's Knees emote, loops)

Requirements: (need IVCS or you will crash, included in the zip)
- Illusio Vitae Expression Library (https://krisanthyme.gumroad.com/l/vlznoj)
- Illusio Vitae Custom Skeleton Base (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NUAFO4N1VZXYyfeztW9_-eOy0tCXusTo)
note: These two IVCS mods do not do anything by themselves, they do not affect anything other than the animations that use them, IVCS bodies arent required

IVCS documentation (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yo-ynhqH-gMTN7SQv55x2yzOe_V2II9dSAJE8FnEghE)

Original motion from PUBG Studios/Krafton

- music not looping: enable in default collection
- music stacks with other people: technical limitation, has to be like this so its not on BGM track
- music gets out of sync after a looping a few times: technical limitation

You are free to edit this for your own use, credit me if you use this mod as a base for your own release

Primary File or Link:

[OCN] raykie's sixty five behind the scene's.pmp : [ via Direct Download ]

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Mon Mar 25 2024 18:04:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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