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A pose I felt like creating that wasn't a request! I hope others can use and enjoy this too. I made it using a max height au ra, and I believe the miqo'te was around the 20s in height. Adjustment will be needed for other heights/races! I'd like to also adjust this for other races/au ra horns, so let me know if you're interested ;3
I did use Noff's hyur fix tongue on the au ra, but you can hardly tell lol. Use at your own discrimination. The pose was made with the tongue in mind, so it was built to have a tiny amount of space between both actors.
Edit: forgot to mention! I had the au ra actor sitting on the ground, and the miqo'te sitting on a seat. so realistically you should be able do it near a bed etc as long as they can sit (like in a chair) on it
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