Prince Albrecht's Attire - Thicclander Port

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Eli's Queen ♥

Version: 1.1

Contributor Information:

Dizdoodz / Crown's Reverie for the Original Design and for allowing Celes to turn it into a mod!
Tsar for the ever wonderful 'The Body'
Celes Cheire For making the original mod!
Eekum Bokum For the amazing Thicclander Body!~
SifridExtan For the lovely XL cock upscale!
Josh's King ♥ My lovely boyfriend for the preview pictures~!♥

Author's Comments:

This is a port of Celes Cheire's mod "Prince Albrecht's Attire" from Crown's Reverie, by Dizdoodz.
This uses Eekum Bokum's Thicclander body for Midlanders and Highlanders. Along with SifridExtan's XL cut cock upscale.

Version 1.1 Update - 4/11/20
Miqo'te support added.
Highlanders now use The Body - Thicclanders as opposed to NBP.
The weird texture seam was fixed.

This port is available for all Midlander models and Highlanders, with the exception of Male Miqo'te for the Subligar. I haven't figured out how to make it work for them yet. However, it is relatively easy to port the Subligar to another item using TexTool's Mod Conversion feature or by doing it manually.

This mod affects the Light Steel Galerus & Subligar, along with its cheap poor cousin from Dzemael Darkhold, the Coliseum Galerus and Subligar.

This is my first actual attempt at porting an outfit from one body type to another, so there is plenty of issues and clipping, however, I have done my best to limit it as much as I was able to!

I have also made personal adjustments to this based on both taste and laziness. In Celes' Original mod, there is a ballsac-armor-pouch-thing, which I removed because... big balls good. Along with the removal of the harness straps and plated neckpiece from the chest, leaving it purely a cloak.

This set-up also comes with a bit of customization which I stumbled upon accidentally, I believe. It is compatible with long gloves and thigh-high boots! Wearing ankle-height boots, (ie: survival boots) or no shoes at all results in how the attire is supposed to look. If you equip medium length boots...(ie: Rebel boots) the leg guards are removed. Lastly, equipping Thigh High shoes (ie: 2B's Heels) removes both leg-guards and the cock-belt/ring combo... Thing. I'm unsure if this was intentional on Celes' part, or if this was from me screwing around with attributes... Either way, it's pretty cool in my opinion! This mod IS Dyeable! The default color is blue, while in the preview pictures show the mod in Pure White and Ruby Red.

To some, this might be considered a problem, to me I thought it was really cool.. And honestly, kinda hot. There is a texture glitch, a really bad texture glitch that connects both of the top parts of the leg guards together, giving it almost leg-binding-cuff thing. I'll probably try to fix it in a future version.

Current Known Issues:

While long gloves (ie: high Allagan fending gloves.) do not cause any problems, short gloves (ie: pagos field dressings) have a very tiny gap between hand and wrist. Mostly unnoticeable unless you're deliberately looking for it or have your hands front and center.

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Prince Albrecht's Attire - Thicclander Port V1.1 : [ via ]

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Sat Apr 11 2020 05:04:02 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Apr 08 2020 12:41:59 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Coliseum & Light Steel Galerus/Subligar

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