Winter Sweater -T&F2.0 Hentai Upscale + Three Variations

  A Gear Mod by Req Rider

Version: 1.1

Contributor Information:

Titan Firm for base chest sizes, Sapphire for QC and modeling, Sonlen for original off-shoulder mod

Author's Comments:

This update is a Tight 7 Firm 2.0 Hentai/Large mod for the Winter Sweater, this time with three releases:

✔️ 1: Winter Sweater -T&F 2.0 Hentai/Large Chest "Modest"
✔️ 2: Winter Sweater -T&F 2.0 Hentai/Large Chest Tight Fit "Hourglass"
✔️ 3: Winter Sweater -T&F 2.0 Hentai/Large Chest, @Sonlen#1414's Off-Shoulder Version with added cleavage

All three have the chest upscale and slight widening at the bottom of the sweater for clearance of wider bottoms and dresses. Worked extensively with Sapphire to get the base with T&F2 upscale just right (and has both characters modeling).

⚠ 1: I only edited the Winter Sweater, (didn't bother with the Autumn version) I didn't do anything with the scarf, so it is going to glitch and collide.
⚠ 2: The same problems that the Off-Shoulder Sweater still persist, with any elbow or upper arm gloves.
⚠ 3: The Off-Shoulder Sweater might have some slight upper-boob collision at certain poses.
⚠ 4: As you can tell, the off-shoulder cleavage one took the most work, and most likely have the most problems. Let me know if there are any other bugs than what I just listed.

Feel free to edit/port it how you like, just credit me. Do not upload to any other public site or place. Thanks again to everyone that likes my mods!

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Titan Firm

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Winter Sweater, Adventuring Sweater

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