Siren's Lament

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Illyriana

Version: 1.0

Contributor Information:

Nephelym for the tail mesh, Suubaru on DA for the top. Naty for the BBWR Large Body and a big thanks to Mimi for the weight and mesh help and zana for the wonderful texture work that make this puppy shine!

Author's Comments:

Take to the seas and shores and let the lands know mermaids are more than mere myth. This mod includes both tail, top, and feet removers, multiple colors, psd files for advanced custom colorization, and more! All for extended customization and goodness to show off your own personal mermaidy vibes! Enjoy and happy Mermay!~

Looking for poses? Check out the additional "MerMay Pose Pack" found here ->

Notices (There's a few!):
▫Default install color is green. I've provided a few optional colors but please feel free to customize to your liking.
▫Color the tail via the diffuse and change your sparkly highlights with the specular (Files included. ▫Guides to image editing in the Guide Compendium)
▫Pearl color can be easily customized via the Colorset Editor.
▫Expect some clipping in extreme bending on the right leg due to how this tail had to be weighted to come to life in game.
▫Top is on an item that hides tail for Miqote and Au Ra - Bottoms are on a "less used" item in game so you dont see 500 mermaid tails everywhere.
▫Poseable via the CMtool via the Left Leg/Knee/Calve/Foot.
▫I do not allow model swaps of my work to be posted to the XMA or other discords.
▫I do not allow upscales past Titan Firm Large/Wafku. I do not allow my work to be ported to the Eve body. I do not allow NSFW Lala Ports.
▫Do not use any of my mesh work, weights, or textures I have made for unallowed body types, sizes, or projects without my permission.
In no way, shape, or form are edits of my work allowed to be uploaded to the Textools Discord (This Includes Request Channels.) XMA uploads and other discord servers only. Thank you~

Outfit Info -> Gloves = Bizu Patreon | Hair = GW Gumroad | Ears = My Catalog

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Sat May 16 2020 01:23:14 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Gnath Abdomen, Gnath Legs, Evenstar/Chimerical Coat

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