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Version: 1.2

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A set of two tails from BNS for AU RA. Each come with two colours: vanilla Raen/Xaela colouring, and the original colouring. These tails replace each tail type for both Raens and Xaelas, and work with sliders. If you want one colour from a different race, simply export the diffuse, and import it on your own tail.

please do not transfer to other races, even for a private edit. In time I will come back and port these for other races.

Note: Male tails are super long and I couldn't shrink them without the weights going crazy for some reason. I suggest making your tail length 15 or under to avoid clipping into the ground, if you care about it. I'll attempt to fix this at a later date!

1.1 EDIT: Version without horns now added. Male furred tail position fixed, working on the scaled tail. Should be updating for other races soon
1.2 EDIT: Ported the FURRED version over to Moonlet earrings. Each race except Viera and Au Ra can use it. Included version with only horns. Tail is too long for Lalafell, will make a version later to address this.

Message me if theres any problems

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Sat May 16 2020 15:20:37 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Au Ra tails, Moonlet

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