Flavors of Love

  A Concept Matrix Pose by ✿ Hiyorinne ✿

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Went freakin feral for this artwork when I saw it and decided I had to make all three poses!! All poses use props, so please continue reading for instructions. The reference image used is artwork from @welchino on twitter-- be sure to check them out!

hearties Compatible with ALL races (facial fixes included for every race).
hearties Left pose = clumsy love (fruit basket in main hand), center pose = passionate love (single white flower in off-hand), right pose = stable love (fruit basket in off-hand). A small prop like a coin can be used to hide the weap in the main hand.
hearties Feel free to edit as much as you'd like and re-release, just give credit.
hearties DM me if you find any bugs!

I hope you guys fall in love with these poses like I did!! I'd love to see what sorts of screenshots you come up with-- feel free to @ me on Discord or twitter (@riri_rise) if you use it! hugs

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