Limbal rings contact lenses - none 3D edit

  A Gear Mod by KiRa

Version: 1.1

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zana and Yasmi for their inspiring limbal ring mods :D

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Adjusted for all faces.
I tried to get a natural look, so the specular and the normal got redrawn. The limbal rings now possess a slight structure in light.
Also I got rid of the weird zoom behaviour (bright lines or bright eyes with dark rings colors).
The eye color doesn't matter for this, because the limbal rings cover iris and pupil entriely. Fixed Issues: dark lines on face1. (Btw. male version of this one is not possible, sry :<)

This is v1, I highly recommend to use "v2" or "- 3D edit" instead (it simply looks better imo), but i leave this one here for people who can't use v2.

Note: Only work with vanilla 3d model of the limbal rings, testet IG on Face3, so there could be some issues. ^^" Please let me know, if you find something. Enjoy!

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Fri Jun 15 2018 22:52:39 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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