RESOURCE: Linnia's Hands Pack #01

Version: 1.0

  A Concept Matrix Pose by Linnia

Author's Comments:

Hello darlings! Posing hands is both fun and frustrating. While I was practicing with them, I decided to save the files I was playing with and share them, so others can use them to help them get closer to the poses they're trying to make!

Made with a male elezen's hand, and tested on a female miqo'te, these should work for each race with only minor fiddling.


In CMTool, you can import parts of a pose without bringing in the entire thing. Under 'Advanced Loading' on the Posing Matrix tab, check the box for the part of the pose you want to import into your current pose. For this pack, you will only need to use Left Hand or Right Hand.

Once the hand is imported you will need to edit the "Hands L" and/or "Hands R" X, Y, Z rotation to make the hand align properly on the arm. Since these poses were set up on a T-Posed model, there will likely be some crazy rotational issues the moment you load in. It looks funny but it's super easy to fix, so don't sweat it!


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