Frozen Orchid Pose Pack

  A Concept Matrix Pose by VengeanceA

Version: 1.0

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This dress is made by lye (name: The World Arcana) which you can find on their server. I wasn't asked or anything to make poses for it, just loved the dress and didn't see it being shown in it's full glory. Since everything is adjusted for this dress, I am not sure how it will look on other clothes but feel free to try. Second pose load on base kneel sit pose otherwise clothes will clip in the ground. I also used own shader ''Snowblind'' to take these photos diamondheart nyaLove1

catcuteblush Looking for a fun social place? Join my Discord server, multiple partners for poses, makeup and mods, peek in future work, suggestions, server exclusive stuff. Added shaders as well! And pepes, I guess. pepeshy

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