Viola Redux

  A Gear Mod by Skye

Version: 2.0

Contributor Information:

Namco's Soul Calibur 5 for the meshes/textures, etc.
Rexil for the original rip.

Author's Comments:

With a recent Textool update adding in the glass shader, I decided to revisit my "Viola" mod and make some changes to it to better achieve that perfect, crystal ball look.

As of right now, I have only revamped the mod and ported it to the Diamond Sextant, but I have every intention of going back through and editing the mod to include other weapons. You may port this to whatever Astrologian weapon if there's a specific in game glow you want.

‼Note: The new, updated Viola mod requires TexTools be updated to at least in order to support the glass shader.

To complete the look, I highly recommend using the "Hide the cards" mod by Rose Radiuju:

The old mod does not use the glass shader and affects these weapons:
✦Rigel - No glow
✦Padjali Astrometer - Bright, sunlit globe.
✦Pleiades Anemos - A glittering glow that shifts in color.
✦Canopus lux - Purple, purple, and more purple.
✦Ultimate Deneb - Ultimate pink, purple and gold glow with cogs~

Editing row 16 of the colorset for Rigel will give the orb a hint of another color in its lighter/lightest parts, or set it to a quick, pulsing glow. Depending on how high you set the glow it will determine how bright the glow is! I've included some examples in the additional links! Mess around with this as you like.

You you can also edit the colorset for the Padjali Astrometer to get a different color for your glowing orb (I made mine purple!)

Please let me know if there's any issues, and enjoy! ♥

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Viola Redux Download : [ via ]

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Fri Jul 31 2020 01:46:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Jun 24 2020 19:41:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Diamond Sextant, Rigel, Padjali Astrometer, Pleiades Anemos, Canopus Lux, Ultimate Deneb

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