Longer Hairstyle - 118 p2

  A Hair Mod by Kyuzoeji.A

Version: 2.0

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"@Linko for making Textool, goat for making the FFXIVplayewardrobe, it made has made it easy and faster to test gear.

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this is the longer hairstyle for 118, sorry I took longe to post this ;w; I know some people have been message me asking if I was going to make it, enjoy and thank you for your patience. ☺ I am still "trying" the other old ones too
Q:Are you still going to make the longer hair for 118?
A:yes, I am

Q:Will make shorter version for the 119?
A:yes, and 118, I decided to try and make 3 types since people some want chest level, waist level and a longer hairstyle just above tail level so I'll be spending some more time with 119 and 118 for awhile longer, I still need to fix some errors with both of these hairstyles.
Yoshida: "look forward to it".

Q:Think you could make the hairstyle for men longer too?
A:Yes I have planned to do so but I nee to 1st get these done before i keep switching projects ;w;
I hope I have not broken rules with these many comments. Note: if your hairstyle seems broken when using head gear, thats is normal and sadly there is no way that I know how to fix it, one thing you can try however is disable hiding open Textool, go to character/hair/click 3d tab/pick your race and gender/ then where there is the number of the hair change it to 118 or 119 whatever you use and xport it, now you can import but you have to advance import, its small blue arrow icon this is called advance import next to enable/disable button, then pick "disable hiding" then import.

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