True Diamond, Light Reflecting Eyes (With and Without Cat-Eye Slit)

  A Face Mod by ᏕᏗᎶᏋ

Version: 1.0

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Thanks to Xie for trying them out on his Dadlander

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Decided to make an Eye that not only reflects light but also does so the way light would reflect off of a diamond on your ring.

2 options avaliable:
With a cat-eye slit pupil
Without a cat-eye slit pupil
Video of eye reflecting light in my discord

You will have to manually import these .dds's. Instructions are in the "READ ME". If you have any trouble, DM me on discord and I'll be happy to walk you through it.

As always I'd love for you to tag me in any pictures you take using this, I'd really love to see them on you!
Discord: Sage#7841
Instagram: sage_xiv

Do not use any of my mods for any paid or private commissions or requests
You may change it as you please for private personal use. Do Not share any edited versions of any of my work

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