Ultimecia - Wings

  A Gear Mod by Illyriana

Version: 1.0

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Dissidia NT for the model & Nitsah for the rip

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Enjoy a little time compression while your sport a pair of elaborate wings, best suited for only the most lavish of time witches. These wings replace a necklace and will work with any tops that do not hide necklaces and are bbwvr large/TF Medium. Enjoy!

▫These wings are mostly stiff due to how many feathers there where and how horribly they warped when I tried to add movement.
▫ They will clip the arms and shoulders in some positions. Certain positions will cause the stomach feathers to clip. Certain outfits may clip.
▫Feathers are Diffuse editable. The feathers need to be manually colored in Photoshop/Gimp. (This was done to help retain their pretty color)
▫I do not allow model swaps of my work to be posted to the XMA or other discords.
In no way, shape, or form are edits of my work allowed to be uploaded to the Textools Discord (This Includes Request Channels.) XMA uploads and other discord servers only. Thank you~

To move items to another of your choosing use the built in "Mod Converter" in Textools -> https://i.imgur.com/zBD7JYC.png or via the Manual Conversion Guides in The Guide Compendium.

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Female - Top/Bottoms = WIP (Coming within the next few weeks) | Boots = Titan | Makeup = Private-Personal

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Wed Jul 29 2020 00:07:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Crystarium Necklaces

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