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thanks square for gam

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poses made with paladin in mind. i'm tired of painstakingly editing animation frames to get something good and dramatic, so i cut the middleman and put together some of my faves.

some adjusting will be needed between races; these were tested on a max height male/female midlander. the weapons and armor will need to be adjusted based on your glamour, but if my heavy-armed paladin gear can fit, so can yours probably! pauldrons are hell to pose, that's just how it be.

NOTE: for "dramatic", try not to use a weapon that glows. it'll look dumb and also hide your face. ask me how i know. :') p.s. - your sword WILL need adjustment based on model. make sure you withdraw your weapon first or they won't show.

i added some viera-ear compatible versions on the ones that need it, but they will need to be adjusted depending on type. i used fluffy!

feel free to @ me on twitter if you use my poses, as always, i'd love to see what you come up with ♥ if you have issues, feel free to dm me.


mods used in preview: hair - server exclusive MDM "cireni // makeup - megu "soft and smokey"


twitter: https://twitter.com/purro_plays
download: https://tinyurl.com/chdivinity

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