SLEEK by Lela for All

  A Hair Mod by PrincessNoa

Version: 3.0

Author's Comments:

!!!Shoutout to Nikoru for her Femroe conversion, which is included in this pack !!!
(if anybody knows how to contact them directly, please let them know. I'm having trouble reaching out.)

Basically, this is her hair, Sleek, but for all females (except Viera). I really liked her hair but I didn't like it breaking other races, so I searched around for all existing versions and then filled in the gaps. YES I know the elezen and Lala will be a bit clippy- this is my first mod edit ever and some things were confusing but the most important thing is it won't be totally broke and bald for them!
I also edited the Aura base a bit so it wouldn't clip through the 4th faces horns. Cuz I'm petty like that.
!!!!EDIT!!!!! This mod has been updated to fix major issues with the Elezen! It is now working as intended.

This will edit hair 162 (Great Lengths from Gold Saucer for 30k mgp).

If enough people are bothered by the lala clipping I can try and go back to fix it. Contact me on Discord: PrincessNoa#0549

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Sleek for ALL (New) : [ via ]

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Thu Sep 10 2020 22:05:21 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Fri Aug 28 2020 17:07:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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