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  A Concept Matrix Pose by life is so primal

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my first pose release! a pose for crafters who've been working hard, or hardly working!

done on minimum height midlander male; has been tested on all races and works just fine on characters of similar height such as male miqo'te! talls will need minimum adjustment, and it can possibly work on roegadyn or hrothgar with a lot of tweaking. lalafell also plausible with tweaks. female faces may need adjustment. pose was made leaning against the goldsmithing bench furniture item and can be easily tweaked to fit other surfaces!

IMPORTANT: to get the wrench for the pose, go into cmtool's "prop view" feature and set your main hand weapon to "wrench" (should be model number 9001). if you have a visible offhand weapon or weapon sheath, set it to the emperor's new fists. after doing this, draw your weapon before going into gpose and loading the pose. wrench should fit fairly well in the hand with minimal adjustment needed!

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