Facelift! - Midlander Face 3

  A Face Mod by noir

Version: 1.0

Author's Comments:

This mod youth-ifies Midlander Male Face 3 by significantly reshaping the nose to be thinner and less bulbous, touching up the lips and jaw, and smoothing wrinkles with a custom mesh, diffuse, normal, and multimap.

This mod should work with any and all modded hairstyles, facepaints, retextures, body mods, etc. that don't touch the mesh, diffuse, normal, or multimap for Face 3. It should also be fully customizable in the in-game character editor and emote/animate correctly! Pucker face looks a little weird though.

Comes in clean shaven or stubbly with an optional forehead bandage (replaces Tattoo 2). Additional screenshots can be found in files.

šŸ–¤ Thank Yous & Credit šŸ–¤

Textures for this mod are based on:

šŸ¤ Face Defined by Sofie
šŸ¤ Scruffy Special Mega Pack by TheOneWhoSaysHi for the stubble option

Looks nicest with a high-res hair and eye texture mod! The ones I'm using in the screenshots are Hair Defined and Sonata Eyes.


Noir's Notes:
I've noticed a visible seam down the center of the face under certain lighting conditions -- will update to fix it when I figure out how.

The mesh edits should affect each nose/mouth/jaw type, but I've found that the shaper attributes for this face pretty strongly deform the base mesh. The example screenshots were taken with Nose 1 (0 in CMtool), Jaw 3 (2 in CMtool) and Mouth 4 (131 in CMtool).

The shapers for nose types 1, 2, 4, 6 & mouth types 1, 4 seem to play nicest with the edited mesh, but please experiment to find what works best for your taste. Iā€™d be so grateful if you sent me any of your wonderful screenshots on Discord. šŸ¤

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Facelift! - Midlander Face 3 : [ via cdn.discordapp.com ]

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Wed Sep 16 2020 08:16:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Midlander M Face 3

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