Boss Auras Pack (8 effects)

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Midori

Author's Comments:

Eight unique and powerful auras from various bosses. Unfortunately, these auras are generally recommended for combat only (more info below).

These specific auras sadly do not work in GPose as they require to be ''refreshed'' by hiding or removing affected gear and putting it back on/unhiding every time you change zone or enter GPose (and you can't do that process in GPose). They are okay though if you want to feel a bit more powerful in your battles or you are no stranger to cheap screenshots outside GPose.
A simple macro /displayhead (click once/twice depending if your helmet is hidden or not) will let you unleash these not so casual auras on your enemies (some auras includes special sound and animation effects at activation such as Garuda's woke). You can also link them to specific abilities through macros so for an example it will activate upon using tank stance.

Affects various colors of Daisy Corsages flowers (textures were removed so you will only get the auras):
Black Daisy - Zenos Ame-no-Habakiri red thunder aura
Blue Daisy - Garuda Woken effect
Green Daisy - Lakshmi Chanchala effect
Orange Daisy - Eden Leviathan rage
Purple Daisy - Sephirot powerup transition effects
Red Daisy - Barbaneth dark blue aura
White Daisy - Nidhogg's dragon eye glow from Thordan's Ascalon blade (looks properly only in combat stance because it scales to your weapon. Not recommended to use as astrologian, scholar, monk, ninja or summoner)
Yellow Daisy - E.D.D glowing effect from its spear (the same situation as with Thordan)

The proper process of using these auras:
1. Equip the headpiece (you can use CMTool for that if you want).
2. Hide and then unhide it (you can use macro, it works in combat as well).
Step 2 needs to be repeated every time you change zone or refresh your character in CMTool.

Additional information:
1. If you have plans to port these auras to the different gear I would recommend to stick with headpieces because you will need to completely unequip other pieces and equip them back (which won't work in combat unlike hiding and unhiding) in order to refresh the aura.
2. VFX data path values are included in the package.

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