Smugly leaning (perspective play)

  A Concept Matrix Pose by Princess Adidi

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Hi everyone!

I admit that I had way too much fun coming up with this idea, and I really hope you will have that same fun too by using my pose.
Use it while playing with perspectives and you will be able to make things look much smaller than they really are ;)
Yes... Even Lalafell appear much taller that way as you make buildings look tiny compared to that inner giant that was hidden deep within you! ;)

Have fun posing!
Even the Royalty love their coffee. Check the 'Little princess's Ko-fi page' and see more of similar work at:
Thank you and I hope to see you soon! <3

Little disclaimer: This pose is in for a minor update soon, but for now I prioritize stepping out of the shadows and overcoming my shyness by showing off what I have in store :-)
Totally not a perfectionist

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