The Feol - Veena Racial Adjustment

  A Racial Scaling Mod by Illyriana

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Sel for the amazing update

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Sad that "Veena" was just a colorswap? And not the adorable and smaller Feol from FF12's sequel game, FFXII: Revenant Wings? Me too. However, thanks to the new Racial Scaling from the Textools Beta this concern is no more! This adjustment shrinks both height AND ear size to be more true to Feol characters and art from the game. Enjoy!~

At this time you MUST have the TT BETA installed to use this mod! Go to Options in Textools -> Customize -> At the bottom change from "Latest Stable" to "Latest Beta" and save! This will change/not be required in the near future!

What's changed:
Veena Height Min/Max is now 0.94/1.01 (Standard Au Ra Height)
Veena Ear Min/Max is now 0.67/0.75
Bust size remains unchanged however -> Reduced bust size math can be found here:

Left side shows Max Height/Ear Feol settings beside Min Height/Ears settings
Right side shows Max Height/Ear Feol beside Max Height/Ear Rava.

Feel free to customize to your own linking. This is just my personal adjustment I'm sharing.

Outfit info -> Black hair = DW Gumroad Classics | Pony Tails = Private edit of Equinox Discords Enchantress | Bottoms = Bizu's Ezra (maybe. i forgot the name its been installed for 100 years) | Makeup = Private

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