True Cat Body

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by DOOMy

Contributor Information:

Tsar for The Body 2.0 -
pedromvilar for allowing me to use his meshes, and the anatomically correct hrPenis
Mimi for allowing me to use her meshes
A bunch of other people for advice, tips, and comments.

Author's Comments:

- This is NOT vanilla compatible.
- This coexists with TB2 but does not attempt to blend with it. True Cat Gear with non-ported gear will create seams of fur to skin.

1) Install The Body 2.0.
It does not matter which body you use, but True Cat will use Body #2. It can coexist with the others though since it is a seperate model and the skin texture is largely hidden under fur.
2) Install True Cat Base (this is what you will get to when you push the download button)
3) Install other True Cat mods (there is a starter pack of clothing added now, more will come to XMA)

Let out your inner furry with True Cat Body! It adds a customized hair (fur) layer to TB2 bodies that draws from both your hair and hair highlight colors, putting them together in a blend. The fur fades away at the neck, leaving faces untouched. Additionally, the standard TB penis has been replaced with Pedro's 'anatomically correct hrPenis', resized for Miqo'te. You can choose between semi-SFW custom underwear, sheathed, or erect on smallclothes and emperor's.

All TCB content from me will use body 2 until/unless I figure out how morphing works in Blender.


Included in the starter pack of TCB are the following clothes in individual modpacks contained in a zip file:
- Light Steel Galerus and Light Steel Subligar
- Taffeta Shawl and Taffeta Loincloth
- Miqo'te Vest, Gauntlets, and Zouaves
- Coeurl Talisman and Coeurl Beach Briefs
- Sky Rat Harness of Aiming
- Sky Pirate Vest of Aiming
- Bohemian's Coat
- Claws of the Beast
- Dreadwyrm Tonban of Healing/Casting
- Dreadwyrm Cyclas of Scouting/Striking
- Pagos Gaskins
- Moonfire Caligae
- Royal Seneschal's Fingerless Gloves

- Mimi's 'Horus' outfit (by default goes to Oasis Doublet / Halftrews)
- Mimi's 'Golden Envoy' outfit (by default goes to Thavnairian Bolero / Sarouel)
- Mimi's 'Bengal' chestpiece (by default goes to Uraeus Body Armor)
- Mimi's 'Lynx' chestpiece (by default goes to Survival Shirt)

More outfits will be done over time!


Included in the modder pack are TT exported versions of all the basic True Cat pieces along with the relevant textures which can be used in Blender or 3DS Max to create mods with TCB. The only new thing here is 'Compressed Sheathed' which is just the version of the bulge that's skooshed a bit to place under clothing.

- You may extend, port, or otherwise utilize TCB to make mods of your choice.
- You may monetize mods you make with TCB as long as these mods become public in a reasonable time frame (this is extended from TB2 which has the same rules)

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True Cat Base : [ via ]

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Sun Sep 27 2020 05:52:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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