Between You And I...

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  A NSFW Concept Matrix Pose by Trilkin

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Both male characters are mine; female character is my wife's - used with her permission.

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This is completely made from scratch, I have some nitpicks over it just from reviewing it, and generally I'm never happy with my work. That said, of the things I've made so far, this is my favorite and I'm largely just showing the results with the pose files being an afterthought. This is a very specific pose for very specific characters with very specific sizes, so I'm not entirely sure how helpful it is for anybody.

That all said, I still am sharing it to use as a template, or in case someone else has a male Auri, male Midlander, and female Midlander of approximately the same heights they'd like to see in a similar pose. I'm not the greatest at taking the 'one good glamour screenshot,' so I highly recommend looking at the linked imgur album for more.

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