Soft Touch - Equippable Pubes

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Illyriana

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Get a little soft touch. These equippable pubes replace the left ring and are made to fit BBWVR Bottoms & should work with all BBWVR labia styles. They will fully match character hair color as well. Slightly lifted from the body at the bottom for a more three dimensional effect. Enjoy~

▫Made to fit BBWVR. May clip in extreme CM Poses. May vanish in water.
Floats on Titanfirm. Feel free to adjust and reweight. I will not be doing so as I do not use Titan Bottoms & this is a personal quick mod I decided to share.
▫Instantly matches hair color. Will not match highlights but can easily be adjusted. May be hard to see on light hair/skin combos
▫I do not allow model swaps of my work to be posted to the XMA or other discords.
▫I do not allow upscales past Titan Firm Large/Wafku. I do not allow my work to be ported to the Eve body. I do not allow NSFW Lala Ports.
▫Do not use any of my mesh work, weights, or textures I have made for unallowed body types, sizes, or projects without my permission.
In no way, shape, or form are edits of my work allowed to be uploaded to the Textools Discord (This Includes Request Channels.) XMA uploads and other discord servers only. Thank you~

To move items to another of your choosing use the built in Item Converter ->

If using gloves/shirts that hide rings/necklaces you can quickly make it reappear by following this simple guide:

Outfit Info: Tattoos = Belly Ring = my XMA | Claws = Longerrpigs XMA

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Fri Nov 20 2020 06:22:17 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Fri Nov 20 2020 06:22:17 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Agate Ring (Left) & Shared Models

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