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Hi there! This is where I post all my guides I've found for Blender and Substance Painter which I found personally useful for modding. While 3ds is great, with Autodesk yeeting it's student licence, it became a super steep entry fee for people to get into modding, which I really don't vibe with. So I'm here trying to convince more people into Blender, because it's completely FREE and you can do the same things as you can in 3ds.

There are some paid things noted down, as Substance Painter does have an entry fee for example.

I got my Discord which has even more rando modding related resources, or you can just hit me up in the DMs if you need help with something specific (Blender community has a lot of guides, although not FFXIV related, so try searching for them first because they can still apply to FFXIV modding). My Discord section with guides is updated more regularly, whereas this one get updated in bulk every so often.

:discord: or @Astrild#0001

Astrild's Hoard of Useful Guides and Other Random Stuff

:Blender: Blender & General 3d Stuff:

Get Blender For Free!

These are my personally written Guides for TT/FFXIV Modding:

Blender is acting up but I don't know what I'm doing wrong/ I'm used to 3ds troubleshooting guide:

DIY Custom Ears FFXIV Modding:

How to Remove Your Character's Eyes in Blender:

How to Hide Ears & Horns with Meta Data FFXIV Modding:

General Explaining for Beginner Blender Users:
What Are Normal Maps:
Most Texture Maps Explained:
UV Maps Explained:
Blender Nodes Explained:
What is Topology:

Modelling in Blender:
🥇Low Poly Modelling Guide with Timestamps & Hotkeys Explained:
Low Poly Modelling in Blender 1:
Low Poly Modelling in Blender 2:

Stitches modelling:
Ornaments modelling:
Ornaments cuves:
Clothes modelling:
Low Poly Folds:
TLDR Skintight Clothes:
Creating Ruffles:
More Ruffles:
Easy Jewellery with Grease Pencil:

Baking Maps in Blender:
Short Tutorial Baking Maps Blender:
Longer Tutorial Baking Maps Blender:

UVs in Blender:
UV Controls:
Auto Unwrap UVs:
Unwrapping Multiple UVs:
UV Seams:
🥇 Exporting UV Map:
Really handy for makeup tattoos etc to have overlay in PS
Flattening UV:

Vertex Paint in Blender:
Vertex Paint Basics:

Baking Maps in Blender:
Short Tutorial Baking Maps Blender:
Longer Tutorial Baking Maps Blender:

Weights in Blender:
Weight Paint ADVICE for ABSOLUTE beginners:
2.8+ Weight Paint Tips:
Weight Painting (short tutorial):
Transferring Weights:

Blender Addons:
Jewelcraft Addon for Blender:
🥇YAVNE Blender Normals Addon:
🥇MACHIN3tools, tool for easier workflow + cleanup:
🥇Loop Tools:
UVPackmaster 2:
F2 Addon (Easier Faces)

💰Paid Addons for Blender
I only will link REASONABLY priced addons which I've personally tested, regularly use and are affordable for people who are on a small budget
FYI I don't make any money of linking this to you guys.
Cablerator - Easier Cables in Blender:

Advanced & Random:
Skinning Thicc Meshes:
Japanese UVs Explained:
Shape Keys Explained:
PBR explained:

🖌 Substance Painter:

Disclaimer: I don't recommend Substance Painter to super new beginners because of the price point and it sort of would be best if you have some experience with digital art. But if you have a background in digital art, been modding for a while or are just crazy stubborn, I'd suggest playing around with the trial version and check for yourself if you vibe with it!

💰Substance Painter Steam Edition - Perpetual Indie License:
Get the Steam version if you do end up buying it because it's forever + not the subscription based. Has Trial options on SP website if you want to try it before buying. Goes on sale with most big sale events on Steam.
Substance Painter Official Website/Trial:

General Stuff:
🥇Fixing Seams with Substance Painter:
Easy Tattoos in Substance:
Easy Tattoos in Substance:
Select Part of Mesh to Paint:
Opacity: (fyi blue channel normal map is your opacity in SP)
Tiling Alphas:
Project Textures, Stencils etc:

Baking in Substance:
Baking in Substance:

UDIMs in Substance:
Creating/Exporting UDIMs Blender:

*Make sure you put your UVs in the correct spot because TT exports them odd due to FFXIV engine being weird. You need to put your UVs in the correct spot before importing them as an FBX into Substance. Else you won't be able to paint your models.

Substance Alternatives -Ish:

Blender can do painting directly on models these days too. Personally I haven't used this fuction yet, but I will try so in the future. I will link guides when I watched them and found them useful.

If you want to start out with basic 2d texturing things, I'd recommend GIMP as a free alternative.
Gimp Website:

Clipstudio is a very awesome program as well, and often goes on Sale. It's mainly used by Manga artist, but I know some modders use it too.
Clip Studio Paint Website:

Highly Recommended for Any 2d Artists:
💰 Lazy Nezumi is the best thing you can get whether you're using Photoshop, Substance, Clip Studio etc. It is a game changer for anyone doing any sort of digital drawing. It smooths your linework by a lot and has a few nifty tools build in features. It has a trial version too, and it is affordable if you decide to buy it. You keep it forever, but it won't update past a certain time has expired.

Overlaying Normal Maps in Photoshop:
Normal/Specular Map Generator:

Primary File or Link:

Other : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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