[🍑] Au Ra Vanilla Facial Expressions Pack

Version: 1.0

  A Concept Matrix Pose by Peachybutt

Author's Comments:

This is just a collection of the in-game vanilla facial expressions for Au Ra. Male and female included. I originally used these for advanced loading to overwrite/fix character facial expressions during posing.

These are unedited from the vanilla facial expressions. I'm sharing this collection to hopefully save someone else the aggravation of also having to create these manually.

Poses included were only tested to the extent of the facial expression and only on the race and gender specified. Using these on other races/genders will likely yield unintended results. It is worth noting that since these are just copies of what was provided in-game through the emote system, certain expressions are very similar by default. Despite this, it seemed half-assed to not include even similar expressions. Wink and Close Eyes expressions were intentionally not included, but everything else available from the Expressions emote tab should be present.

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[🍑] Au Ra Vanilla Facial Expressions Pack : [ via cdn.discordapp.com ]

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