Due Discipline

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  A NSFW Concept Matrix Pose by Chiruda

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I'm finally back to doing poses again after a break. Here's a pose with an unruly woman receiving her due punishment from her master, him spanking her and holding his hand about her throat. Judging by the look on her face, this probably won't discipline her as much as he had intended.

Created with minimum height male Miqo'te, and minimum height female Au Ra. If you /sit on an ingame bench as a male and /groundsit on top of it as a female, it'll give a pretty solid start for adjustments. It hasn't been tested on any other races/genders, but the poses are relatively independent of one another, so only the choking will really have to be adjusted. You will have issues if the submissive is bigger than the dominant, especially with thigh clipping.

If you want to use my pose commercially or edit it, please make sure to credit me upon upload! Thanks a bunch.
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