Dynasty Weapon Glamour Pack

  A Face Mod by Jan 🎮

Version: 1.0

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▫ Affects:
- Replica Allagan Battleaxe
- Replica Allagan Blade
- Replica Allagan Round Shield
- Chromite Spear
- Ala Mhigan Katana
- Ala Mhigan Guillotine
- Replica Allagan Daggers
- Replica Allagan Daggers (Dual sword, due to limitation of textool I am unable to make the weapon face down when sheathed, to avoid unpleasant sight it is best to use the hide weapon when sheath feature in the game when using the dual sword mod)

▫ Tags: Dynasty, China, Weapon, Dragoon, spear, Samurai, Katana, greatsword, Dark knight, Paladin, sword, axe
This is mostly for Theme glamour as a set most of the weapon are re-used asset for better access, "cough cough no need to do Delta V4 cough cough"


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Wed Nov 07 2018 17:20:59 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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