The Bibo+ Compendium

Version: 1.0

  A Other Mod by Illy Does Things

Author's Comments:

This resource compendium was made to help users find core modifications to the Bibo+ body and mostly pertains to 3D edits which modify the core body shape. We hope this helps you have the best personally customized experience. Due to scales and body options for skin being easy to locate they have been removed from the listing for the time being.

Note: I am no longer using the XMA and this list will likely remain as is with no further updates.

📥Core Install:
▫Default Skin | Smooth Skin | Buff Options | Vanilla & Scaleless Options
▫S/M/L/XL Chest Sizes in Default & Push Up Style.
▫S/M/L Leg sizes with multiple Genital Options.
▫Full DevKit & Resources

📥Titan Firm Gen 3 Compatibility Patch: Now included in default B+ 2.0+ Installer
▫Allows for the use of both Bibo+ & Gen3 Style Bodies
▫Includes all Bibo+ Skins for Gen3 Bodies.
▫Compatible With Most B+ Body Type Variants

🟪Body Shape Additions:
🧡=Full Body Edit | 💙= Partial Body Edit

🧡Bibo+ Vanilla by Nanashi: (XIV Vanilla)
🧡Nino by N'ana: (Gen2 Style)
🧡Bibo+ Petit by Lye:
🧡BiboWVR+ by Red: < >
🧡Succulent by Remi:
🧡Kräuter Body by Remin:
🧡Petite+ by Red:
🧡Tre+ | Bibo+ Body Sculpt by skateboards:

💙Bibo+ Bra Free by Illyriana:
💙Bibo+ XXL Chest by Red: (TF Gen2 XL/RT-M)
💙Bibo+ Flat Chest By Cosmogony:
💙Bibo+ Venus by Cultist:
💙Bibo+ Pin-Up by Hyskar:
💙Uranus Bibo+ Chest by Saoirse:

Advanced Modification Chests:
(Note - Chests in this option have advanced modifications and changes from the base Bibo+ Body. Please read the release information to see the changes made.)
💙KT+ Chest by Kaiten:

Legs & Genitals:
💙Thiccer Bibo+ by Red: (Wakfu/ReqRider)
💙Bibo+ Thin Legs By Tani:
💙Bibo+ Trans By Purple Shield Cat:
💙Dragon Within B+ by Red:
💙Bigger Clit by Eir:

💙Vanilla Hands by Nanashi:
More Options To Be Added Over Time as they are discovered.

📰How to use the Bibo+ Morph Kit & Rig:*
🎥How To Import Mods For Asymmetric Bodies (Bibo+/TB2):*
🎥Multiple Body Texture Adjustements->
📰Multiple Body Texture Adjustements->
🎥Packing Mods For Multiple Body Type Textures->

🟨Core User Resources:
:3dmax:Dev Kit:
:Blender:Blender Rig By Lef:
[Spiswel]_Tattoo Master Rig:

Developer Plans For Bibo+ In The Future:
Bibo+ is considered to be in the finalized stages of development. Small and minor fixes may be included if they are discovered. Should you encounter any errors please feel free to contact directly via Discord or Social Media.

Should you have a core asset which modifies Bibo+ you wish to be added to this temporary compendium please feel free to contact me directly. Should you wish a listing to be removed or modified please feel free to let me know as well.

Primary File or Link:

Other : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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