Freyja - Gen 3 Body - RC1A

Version: 2.0.1

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by Astrild

Contributor Information:

Titan Firm for Gen 3 & TnF3 & Textures. Nyaughty for Eve + Textures. natyusha for BBWVR inspiration, vag and ass shapes. Sel for the general help with animation BS. 3feetwolf for the genitals.

Author's Comments:

:kofi: I'm moving soon! If you like what I'm doing, any donations would be very welcome right now!

Next update: Early-Mid October (after I'm done with my new apartment)

Known issue:
Advanced Modpacks are acting up and installing files in the wrong places. Will be resolved
SFW still needs to be unfucked. Please be aware if you use the SFW version to make mods from!

ALL maps with TnF3 version next update. So you can install the TnF3 version without having to bother installing TnF3 (Got permission from Titan for this personally). Eve version still will require to be installed after installing Eve first.

Lower res packed options for those with older PCs.
Eve will have decoloured palms included as option as option (stand alone installer will be public around the same time too).
Some minor weight changes for the ass because personal gripes
Alt Download, because megalink borks for some people.

Later down the line:

Trans girl genitals
More undie types
Femboy chest
Bigger gapes which fit the Tb2 pp's for those wanting to play more gynaecology department :peepodetective: (will look absolute shit when legs are not spread tho lmao, so won't be added in the default pack)
More vageen options. I'm gay, I want to enable diverse coochies for people
Different type of nips (colour, inverted, size etc)


Inspired by Natusyha BBWVR, Freyja is a body shaped after vanilla sizing with a shapely booty and soft booba with a more dramatic slider. She has piercings, pubes and gapes to pick from. She's has separate installers for Eve and TnF3, so you can pick your favourite base textures while running Freyja.

Requires TnF or Eve to be installed first 👈


Titan's tit nerf installer is highly recommended and added in Megalink too in case you don't have it. :RonkaScreeee:

♥ Assets are taken from TnF3, but can be installed with Eve too. Basically whichever base textures you prefer. I've added modpacks for boths texture sets to adjust Freyja for. You can mix and match with any of the mods, in case you only want x from TnF/Eve and Y from Freyja. I'm here to give you the freedom to create your own preferred body type by mixing and matching. Just don't mix the base textures ok?


Freyja’s breasts have been reweighted, retextured, resculpted, giving you a working boob slider like the Twelve intended to. :magicpanda:
We stan all sizes of boober in this house, and I’m here to provide an easy swap between itty bitty to generous tiddy without the need to install several breast sizes on different gear items. Let the boob slider do the magic for you instead of having to juggle around with separate mod packs~

🎔 Medium 0% slider is a itty bitty tiddy for our petite queens, 100% is a generous boober. Think of Vanilla in terms of proportions.
🎔 0% Large is a generous amount of tiddy, whereas 100% slider we get some hefty chonkers for those who prefer their ladies more busty.

We all loved the genitals Naty provided for his body, so I’ve recreated my favourite from them all as the default option. On top of that, like Titan’s work, Freyja comes with a labia which spreads during leg movement. Giving you a touch of more realism during your gpose experience.

A cute outie vagina with labia and clit on display. This is the default because it's my preference.
An adorable innie vagina with some bits of labia poking out from the puss for those wanting a medium between an outie and a shy hidden coochie.
A shy precious hidden coochie for those who prefer those (default Titan Vagina).
♡ Variant with vagina having a gape. For gpose fun times. (⚈ ̫ ⚈)
♡ Variant with asshole having a slight gape. For the butt stuff fans. ( ㅅ )
♡ Variant with both vagina and asshole gape. For those who want double the fun during screenshot thottery •̀.̫ •́✧

A voluminous booty for those who enjoyed Naty’s BBWVR sized butt.

Pubes & Piercings: I've added a heap of pubes and piercings to pick from! These are completely optional and can easily select not to use them.
Vagina piercing will depend on the chosen anatomy, just like in real life. Completely optional too ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ »

The legs & arms & waist have been thickened back to Vanilla sizing I did not go past Vanilla boundaries, so it will stay compatible with Vanilla gear too.

Hands had their nails shortened and have a less pedicured look. These are optional and can be found in the optional map too.

Lightened palms and soles for Eve. These are optional and can be found in the optional map.

TnF3 scaleless Au ra supported, provided you installed them properly with TnF3 If you don't select these properly, you will have to deal with nightmare fuel.

My Mega link holds maps for everything basically besides the mod packs, so you could swap between textures if you’d wanted manually.

You can dye her piercings with Ana.

Technical info:
All her key seams exactly line up with TnF3 to keep the Gen3 & Vanilla compatibility.
Her seams do not go past vanilla to keep the body compatible.
Textures have been altered to allow for various sizes of tiddy. No ugly warping galore on petite or chonker sizing.
Her breasts have been repositioned, reculpted and reweighted. Regular scaling animations for the bust will look strange on her for this reason. Freyja has it’s own included to be a lazy bint and upscale on the fly.
She has a pube plane pushed 0.001 from the body.
Switching to Gen 3 might create seam with certain Gen 2 mods being ran together with Gen 3. However this is will only cause issues with a select few of mods.
SFW has nipple and genital textures under it, so people can still make transparent outfits with the fbx file.
Mod Creator Resource will be release soon TM.

- Use of any T&F assets or tools is not allowed for private commissions or paywalled content (unless it is released publicly afterward i.e. "early access").
- Use of the TF3 body geometry to create other shapes or body types must retain the Gen3 UV layout. Adding additional or variant body parts should be placed into the empty designated UV areas (i.e. marked "3rd party DLC" in the "BodyPartLabels" PNG overlay).
- Credit where it's required.
- IDC what you do with it in terms of making your own variation on it. No tits, BBL booty etc, all good by me. Just don't make things which are obviously minor coded for obvious reasons

SFW and mod creator resources will follow later on another mod page, but a heap can be found in the megalink.

Primary File or Link:

Mega Links with all mods/maps : [ via ]

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Last Version Update :
Tue Jul 20 2021 20:11:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Tue Jun 01 2021 19:52:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :
Titan Firm

Affects / Replaces :
Small Clothes, Emperor's, Skin normal maps

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