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Version: 5.20B

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---------- Must-Haves
TexTools by Linko :
TexTools Beta Releases by Sel :
Asset CC2:
Place in TexTools install location, next to the FFXIV TextTools 2.exe
ColorSet Editor (2.2.5) by SifridExtan :
Trainer by Johto :
FFXIV Quick Launcher by Goat :
3DS Max by AutoDesk :
Register as a student for a free 3 Year License. Yes, you're a student. No, they don't check.

----------Important Information
TexTools Reference Document :
Accessories/Model List :

----------💮 BASICS
Advanced Importing:
Gear Swapping Without 3DS :

Texture Basics:

ColorSet Cheat Sheet & Alpha Values:
How To Make An Alpha :
Alpha Values Swatch :

Gear Transparency through the Blue Channel:
Normal Map Template:

Diffuse Item to Mask Conversion:
Mask Item to Diffuse Conversion: [Citation Needed]

Gear Icon Template :

Using xNormal to Pad:

Face Paint Template:
Roughly accurate. Is located on the UV2 for each Face
Editing Face Textures:

Gen 1 Hyur :
Gen 2 Hyur :
FAQ: Gen 1 Vs Gen 2:

Au Ra Scales:
Gradient Maps

PBR Textures

Common Errors:
Incorrect File Type :

----------3D MODELING
Intro to 3DS Max:

Converting to Editable Poly :
Merging Meshes / Combining Skins :
Making Backfaces :
Creating a UVW Template:
Editing Normals / Boxy Model:
Editing Your UV2/3 Channel:
Clearing Your UV2/3 Channel:
Setting up a UV Map from Scratch:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Scaling Breast Size with Mune Bone :
Breast Scaling Math:

Skin / Weights
Skinwrapping Exact Items:
Skinwrapping Similar Items:

How to Export Animations for Weight Testing:
RaraDance / Weight Tester Animation:
General Animations (Recommended)

Facial Editing : [Citation Needed]
Wearable Pubes (3D) :

Miqo'te Ear Pack :
Female Faces (3D) :
Creating Equip-able Piercings:

Recording and "Walk-through" of Porting Clothes
Part 1: Importing and cleanup
Part 2: Skin-wrapping
Part 3: Testing the model:

Atlasing to Add Secondary Glows / Blend Glows

Ripping Tools

3D Scripts / Plug-Ins
Max - UV To Mesh Seam-Splitter:
Max - Rigging Combine Skin:
Max - Weighted Normals:
Max - XNALARA-XPS Import (For Porting) :
Max - ActorXImporter (For Porting) :
Blender - CATS Plug In (Porting MMD/PMX) :

Common Errors
Mesh is Missing Bone Weight Data :

----------🎁 Extras
This section's for extra-curricular tools that more advanced modders find handy, or want to dip their toes into. As these tools are a bit more niche, the guides here will be more limited. New guides are always appreciated!

Substance Painter
Mask / Normal Making in Substance :


Marvelous Designer


---------- Discords
Liinko's TexTools
Sel's XIV Mod Archive
Anna's Contribution Server
Arty's Crayon Box
Jayna's Game Rips
Johto's Safe Place
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