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Version: 12.8

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I've removed the guides.
I'm uncomfortable with the way the community has grown, and I'd like to separate myself from it. Should you need individual mod assistance, you're welcome to DM me for One on One help.

I'll be leaving the server list here for people to find what they need.

---------- Discords

TexTools https://discord.gg/ssupHwX
XIV Mod Archive https://discord.gg/QeBfNEX
Colorset Discord https://discord.gg/xDuNyp9
Jayna's Game Rips https://discord.gg/hxmcYVs
SSTool / Trainer https://discord.gg/hq3DnBa
GPOSERS https://discord.gg/39WpvU2

Community Servers
Batlings https://discord.gg/mkuCjxj
Beauty Guwus https://discord.gg/VmadPTy
Contribution Server https://discord.gg/DmprJqc
Lalafell Contribution Server https://discord.gg/uZd9tf6⚠
Lalafell Community Server link missing
Promenade https://discord.gg/WmvWDhf

Personal Servers
Bizu https://discord.gg/BUythke
Bliss https://discord.gg/eFEsX6E
Fluffy https://discord.gg/S53qznd
Josuki https://discord.gg/6mgKE6W
Kiyo https://discord.gg/TyXBzGQ
Kurumu https://discord.gg/8pQ78Er
Lori https://discord.gg/a4jHCJ7
LelaLillith https://discord.gg/y6UUEpv⚠
Lye https://discord.gg/MK9pdRg
Megu https://discord.gg/vHXaHpN
Miste https://discord.gg/tPcn9T6
Natyusha https://discord.gg/Ezy5YUc
Nyaughty https://discord.gg/KF9a7qj
Rei https://discord.gg/qQ8h9PC
Ruta https://discord.gg/qA7UXrc
Sage https://discord.gg/KMqPZRJ
Titan https://discord.gg/4v4e2Qp
Wylie https://discord.gg/kvfSuHS

General note and content advisory
Servers marked with the warning sign are cautioned because I don't know exactly what content is in there, or I don't endorse it. However, because my goal is to help people find mods regardless of my own endorsement of them, they will be linked here for the community to find what they need.

Please remember these servers have their own rules and practices.

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Other : [ via discord.gg ]

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