AsymFaces - Elezen Female

Version: 2.5.1

  A Face Mod by spiswel

Contributor Information:

SQUARE ENIX - base 3D head models

spiswel (myself) - 3D editing, texture editing, Natural Lips texture

✿ Miette - Vanilla Redefined textures used as bases for these mods




- edit/create/release new textures or models based on the AsymFaces layout
- respect creators' permissions before porting their textures or models to AsymFaces
- use AsymFaces 3D models in private/paid commissions

- use any parts of these mods in permanently paywalled (vaulted) mods
- resell, redistribute or claim any parts of these mods as your own

- You CAN use these faces in temporarily paid mods (ie Patreons, Early access, Ko-Fi shops, etc)
- HOWEVER, do NOT use these models or any of their assets in permanently paywalled (vaulted) mods.


Tsar + nyaimimo - lots & lots of help with 3D issues ;w;


Discord : Spiswel#7777
Twitter : @orchestrion_inc

Author's Comments:

This is a framework mod aiming to make Elezen Female player characters' heads & faces asymmetrical.
It is part of a larger collection of similar mods.

It is intended to be used with asymmetrical face textures and, I hope, will lead users & creators to build their own custom faces including but not limited to scars/scarring, make-up, freckles, beauty spots etc

More races & genders will eventually be added overtime to this large-scale project.

This mod is FREE and is also accessible through Ko-Fi for those who wish to donate.


Main installation includes a choice between Vanilla, Bites, LorFangs and Lor+Bites Combo teeth.

Download folder includes a variety of (free) additional asym addons for popular face mods, such as:
- Natural Lips

More addons (free or not) may be added in future updates.


This mod adds a new material for Faces (Material FAC_B) in order to support asymmetry & doesn't break Reaper Enshroud eyes.
It will take over any existing face 3D mods or any addons already present on FAC_B.
The 3D heads models do not reference the default Facial Material FAC_A, so it will not show up in Textools anymore upon installing this mod. However, this mod does NOT alter or remove the default facial Material A, nor the connectors for the neck models.
To make it reappear if you so wish, Disable the 3D Model edit temporarily in the Models tab.

Certain parts of the face models have been intentionally left symmetrical to prevent glitches or unsightly appearance, such as:
- irises
- eyebrows & eyelashes
- inside of the mouth
- tongue
- teeth (all types)
They are mapped to the right hand side of the textures provided or to their default texture.

Every other part, including ears, horns or horn accessories is now mapped to be asymmetrical.

THIS MOD IS COMPATIBLE WITH EVERY EXISTING BODY MOD - as it does not affect body textures or models. However, users should make sure their body textures match with whatever face textures they plan on using,.

---------------------KNOWN ISSUES---------------------

- slight seam across the middle of the faces

All issues that presented during development were stemming from vanilla issues and were unable to be resolved.


ver 2.5.0 - in preparation for the upcoming expansion in 7.0, both 3D models & textures have been overhauled
- addons have been overhauled too
- modded teeth conserve the same shape options, but are now based on the Vanilla Bites 2.x library by Ulli
- as a result, modded teeth options now match the vanilla face textures colors
- as a result, modded teeth options are now UV-mapped to the right side of the vanilla teeth textures just like their vanilla counterparts
- the third-party texture bits for the old non-vanilla-UVs modded teeth have been left in for retrocompatibility since the Dawntrail version will have brand new texture sets anyway
- added 3D creator resources (fbx & blender file)
- description corrections & formatting
- modded teeth options have been renamed for clarity and to stay inline with the Vanilla Bites resource naming conventions

ver 0.2.2 - separates teeth model variants choices between Wildwoods vs Duskwights
- the Gen3 Compatibility materials addon has been removed and its features have been baked directly into the original mod

ver 0.2.1 - fixed F04-104 top teeth mapping issue when using IllyBites models

ver0.0.2a - fixed major mapping issue on Faces 03-04 when using teeth variants, resulting in the scleras not being truly asym
- this update modifies the teeth textures location on the layout for said faces
- addons & creator resources have been updated to reflect this change

ver0.0.2 - Endwalker update !
- mod was overhauled to accomodate RPR Eyes while conserving modded teeth options
- all models, textures & creator resources have been updated to reflect those changes
- added new modded teeth option : IllyLor Combo (Lorfangs for top teeth, IllyBites for bottom teeth)

- added Gen3-specific materials addon

- initial release

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Last Version Update :
Mon Feb 05 2024 00:07:19 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon Jun 28 2021 00:01:07 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :
✿ Miette

Affects / Replaces :
Elezen Female Faces (3D Models + Textures)

Races :
Genders :

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