Canopus Lux blue glow + dyable centerpiece

  A Gear Mod by Lord Bap

Version: 1.0

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After lots of trial and error trying to change the colours of various Anima particle effects, I finally managed to get one 99% changed. I decided to go for bright blue for this one, though any other colour would have been possible as well - it just seemed to fit AST the best. However, some few parts of the glow are still the vanilla purple. How exactly these are altered, I'm not currently sure, but this only concerns the rings around the globe itself and the small orbs floating around it, and also a few of the sparkles coming out of the weapon while moving. If I ever find a way to get the rest of the effect coloured as well, I'll update!

Also comes with added dyability to the central disc of the globe, cause that not being dyable always irked me.

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