SN hair peice dump

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  A Other Mod by Joonielover

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Hello~:TwirlyStars: This is my first time uploading anything on here since I'm mostly a lurker lmao. What I have today is a product of me seeing if I can rip a few hair pieces from the SN game.

Please note that these are just the raw .OBJ files and they are not weighted or put together, let alone have the accessory pieces. Additionally they do not include every single SN hair to date. only a few i was able to grab back in December. O: I'm new to ripping so I'm still learning ^^; please understand.

I want this to be a resource for all who want to make their own hair from the beautifully crafted game.
I do plan on releasing more hair piece dumps as time goes on, however I am not taking any monetary gain from this and would rather do this as a hobby.

My only conditions you must follow if you want to use these are:

:ss_arrowwhite: 1. You must release any/all hairs used from my files specifically after 3 weeks of being vaulted. They must not be permanently paywalled.

:ss_arrowwhite: 2. You must credit me for the rips.

:ss_arrowwhite: 3. Please do not use them for sexual material involving children/minors/loli/lala practices. I'm not trying to get on a FBI watch list because you guys.

I want these to be as accessible as possible and free to use for anyone who wants to delve into making custom hairs for their characters.

:TwirlyStars: Thank you for reading this, I hope you have a good day. :TwirlyStars:

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SN Meshes dump : [ via Direct Download ]

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