♡ mega lala pose pack! ♡ project sekai defaults ♡ 36 poses ♡

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  A Anamnesis Pose by kaichume

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♡ °ʚ(˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵)ɞ° ♡

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♡ Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Featuring: Hatsune Miku! ♡
hi hi !! welcome to my first pose pack!! this is a total of 36 poses made for lalas, based off of the default one star cards of each character + each vocaloids' two star default! now you have every single miku, as well as every single character! this was really fun to do and gave me very good practice!

♡ authors notes ♡
- if you like the poses and take a photo with them @ me on instagram! @satsumaimoxiv
- this was a practice pose pack! some of these poses will not be as good as the others, and some of these poses are very hard to do with stubby lil lalafell arms (len, shiho, etc)
- i use the "give me the phone" face sculpt mod by shawna! some of the faces may look odd on the vanilla lalafell faces, namely on the eyebrows, eyelids and the mouth. most of this can be fixed with small edits, but if youre having issues feel free to advance load the pose without the face
- this pack was made on a min height female lala, so there may be clipping with the arms on max height / male lalas
- please dont ask me why len's power pose looks like that. idk wtf he was doin in his 1 star card bro

♡ terms of use ♡
- this pack was made in anamnesis, and has .pose files, but not .cmp files- im unsure if .pose files work in CMTool, but feel free to convert it for personal use!
- feel free to make your own personal edits, you can share them around with your friends who use CMTool but dont post it for public download anywhere
- no nsfw lala!!!!! >:(

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mega nz download : [ via mega.nz ]

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