Thavnair Spirit [Bibo+]

Version: 1.1

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Lou Ainsel

Contributor Information:

Bibo+ by Illy Does Things and Tsar
Bibo+Trans by Purple Shield Cat
Bibo+ Large & Dark Areola/Labia by Spiswel []
Tattoo Master Rig by Spiswel
Images/Sources for tattoo in Freepik

Author's Comments:

This is a "henna" / body paint tattoo in an oriental spirit. I designed it with the atmosphere of the Thavnair region in mind. It's available in 5 colours : black, white, a henna-like red, a gold colour and a gold-black colour (old gold).

This mod only includes PNG files of diffuse texture.

You will have to install the texture manually from Textool. To do so, go to "Character / Body / Midlander (or Highlander or Viera)" and select material B or D depending on where your Bibo texture is located.
You will then just have to import the texture.

Note that this mod has not been made for the Aora textures in the game. Nevertheless, a psd file is integrated in the folder so you can edit it on The Gimp or Photoshop to integrate your texture and make your scale adjustments.

A "Dark Skin" folder also contains a multi texture to make the chosen tattoo stand out (I recommend it especially on the gold or old gold version) and a texture option for larger and darker breast halos like the mod by Spiswel mentioned in the contributor.

EDIT 1.1
Added TTMP files for Highlander/Roegadyn adapted to Bibo+ version 2.0. It includes only the standard bibo+ version. The dark skin versions are still to be installed manually via the dds. Gradually, I will see to do for all options and races already taken into account. A conversion for Bibo+Redux is also planned when I have time.

Google Drive :
[I am a French speaker so I use a translator for English. Sorry in advance if there is any confusion. Feel free to contact me on Discord if needed].

Primary File or Link:

Thavnair Spirit - Google Drive : [ via ]

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Sat Mar 12 2022 12:28:52 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Feb 06 2022 14:01:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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skin mod

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