Android Monk Skill Effects v1.0 [4AD]

Version: 1.2

  A VFX by artemis

Author's Comments:

This mod changes Monk's skill effects to match an android theme, complete with rocket boots, machine gun hands, and lasers. Hope you all enjoy! Here's a link to the video showing everything off:

Credit to ocealot for the skill vfx tool and tutorials as well as PAPACHIN as inspiration for his amazing skill mods!

Here's what's included:
Bootshine- new on-hit drill hit effects.
Brotherhood- radiates hard-light screens and grants a super saiyan aura for the buff's duration.
Celestial Revolution- added jet boots and a more punch-y effect.
Demolish- new on-hit effects with jet boots.
Dragon Kick- added jet boots and a recolored on-hit effect.
Elixir Field- added a gatling gun hand effect.
Enlightenment- added a kamehameha effect.
Forbidden Chakra- added an explosive hand missile effect.
Form Shift- added machine sounds and sparks.
Four-Point Fury- added jet boots and a recolored on-hit effect.
Meditation- added a new visual effect.
Perfect Balance- added hard-light screens and a small matrix effect for a few seconds during the buff's duration, as well as a new chime.
Phantom Rush- added the Omega-M arena quake to the final hit of your Rush.
Riddle of Earth- added an Omega shield effect.
Riddle of Fire- added a WARNING!! OVERDRIVE ACTIVATED effect. Steam may radiate off of your character--don't worry, this is normal.
Riddle of Wind- added Alexander gears and a speed-up chime.
Rising Phoenix- updated fire tornado visual effects to be more in line with mod's style.
Rockbreaker- added an enumeration effect that gives the ability a bit more snap and punch.
Six-Sided Star- added jet boots.
Snap Punch- added a gurren lagann drill and a studio trigger flash effect, as well as a new chime. Pierce the heavens.
Thunderclap- added a shoulder rockets effect and shifted the color of the skill a bit.
True Strike- updated on-hit effects.
Twin Snakes- added new electricity effects and a spark buff effect on your character's hands and feet that lasts for the buff's duration.

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MONKv1.2[4AD].rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Tue Feb 08 2022 20:17:37 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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