Better Vanilla Scales

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Asa

Version: 1.0

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Sel- Diffuse & Specular Maps
mel & Titan Firm - Normal Maps
Titan Firm & Sapphire - Sections of their Diffuse\Normal maps from their collab work on the Scaleless mod (wherever I wanted to remove scales)

Author's Comments:

This mod has been a passion project of mine. I have always envisioned the Au Ra with better scale placement. I always wanted Au Ra with bare feet and legs. I always hated the upper arm scale and how it just haphazardly wraps around with no function at all. I tried very carefully to place new scales in places that made sense. With a little bit of sexual nature to them as well. Scales come up and tease the breasts. Scales "reach" for the pubic area. The original scales seemed to have this "reaching" theme so I carried that along in the process. I based the main mod off of Titan Firm's Normals(though, soft options are available). An SFW version will be released in a few days as a separate mod. Here's a summary of the major differences you will find, when comparing to the Vanilla scales.

1) Feet and ankle scales have been removed.
2) Scale above the tail has been removed.
2) Upper thigh scale extends further down the leg a bit.
3) Side scales now "reach" for the breasts.
4) Side scales now wrap around and reach up the back.

The other races have been included just like my previous MOAR scales mod. Installation instructions are in the readme. This is a texture mod only, so it will not affect the shape of your body. Install after you've installed your body if you're starting fresh. Scale cutouts included as a .psd file.

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